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Alleged error in The Sun (91:5)

The mistakes’ author writes:

91/5: ma should be man.

This is regarding the following verse of Quran:

وَالسَّمَاءِ وَ مَا بَنَاهَا

So, it has been said about this ما that it should have been من. This is the pinnacle of ignorance from Arabic language! Such a person has ventured upon finding mistakes in Quran whose every sentence has been a laughing stock! Anyways, let it be clear that this ما could only be a ما because it is ِan ‘Infinitive Ma’. When used with a past form of verb, it conveys the same meaning as من does when used with a past tense (like من آتی or من آمن) i.e. that of an adjective or verbal noun. The meaning is: ‘the Sky and its structure’ or ‘the Sky and the way it has been structured’. If we place here the word suggested by the author, it will change the meaning of verse altogether. In that case it will mean: ‘the Sky and the One who made it’. This is not at all intended here.

This was the last grammatical mistake enlisted on this website. You can surely conclude after reading this that a person is misleading you who doesn’t even know ABC of Arabic!