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Grammatical Mistakes: Comments on last lines

The mistakes’ author writes in the end:

There are more but this should show that there are grammatical mistakes (mostly declinations) in the Quran – many or few does not matter too much, as a god makes no mistakes at all. According to Ali Dashti: “Twenty-Three Years: A study of the Prophetic Career of Muhammad” there are more than 100 divergences in the Quran from normal Arab linguistic rules and structures.

A clear conclusion: Correct and good Arab language in the Quran cannot be used as a proof for that Allah sent down the Quran, as there are numerous mistakes – on the contrary: The mistakes may prove that no god was involved.

It’s true that even a single mistake in Quran is sufficient to prove that it didn’t originate from God. However, after going through our responses it should be clear that not even a single mistake, which actually is a mistake, was pointed out. Each ‘mistake’ only proved ignorance of the author.

The guy Ali Dashti mentioned here also seems to be ignorant of the Quranic language. I did not get a chance to read his work. He might have said only that there are more than 100 examples in the Quran which deviate from common rules of Arabic language. If that is the case then these are not mistakes of the language. These are nothing more than exceptional cases which the grammatical rules could not take into account. As we mentioned previously, no grammar enumerates all the rules. Instead, it just takes care of those most commonly used. Many styles fail to be taken care of. Such exceptions are discussed to some extent in the science of Arabic rhetoric.

In short, the author’s conclusion that Quran is not the book of God owing to the mistakes it carries is flawed. The conclusion after reading our responses should be: the mistakes author himself is ignorant. Quran is the book of God, free from all mistakes. Every grammar error pointed out proved be wrong itself. In addition to that the number of chapters and verses were swapped to increase the count. Hence, it is established that there is no grammar error in Quran. All praise be to God! Similarly, we shall see that the Quran is also free from the other mistakes he pointed out.